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We, Sar Warehouse Staffing, believe firmly in the concept that "business is only strong as its employees". We have noticed that many staffing agencies are struggling to provide the number of quality workers needed by clients, that 's the reason we are here, to show that all staffing agencies are not the same. We, Sar Warehouse staffing, care and take in consideration our clients 's culture, core, needs, request, and we match them with the right potential workers. That's why we have less turn over around Columbus, Grove port and its surrounding areas, and most of our employees get hire by our clients. We will provide you the number of active head count needed in the timely manner ( we just request 48- 72 hours to fulfill your need). Our clients and Employees are our priorities. We apply our industry expertise to offer innovative solutions and build long-lasting relationships.

If you need people, we have not only people, but quality people that will match and fit your business needs. This is a guaranteed. 
Our headquarter is located in Columbus, Ohio. Our President Amenhotep Soumare has more than 10 years experience in Staffing Industry. All our inside employees have more than 5 years experience in warehouse  staffing which make us competent, experienced to handle all the areas of your industry.

Whether you need a simple solution to supplement your staffing, or a tailored on-site or managed partnership with multiple locations and variations in business peaks and trends ; Sar Warehouse Staffing (SWS staffing) will provide the best resources and ongoing management to ensure the success of your business.

We just ask you to relax, Sar Warehouse staffing will excel your company goal. 

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